Acquarius. Opposite to Leo, a sign of individuality and vitality, Aquarium dream of a collectiveworld where his loyalties can be realized.

The Aquarian personality is extremely open to all possibilities, especially if not prevent his thirst for freedom. The flexibility, curiosity about everything what is anti-traditional, both intellectual and material availability are Indeed, the specific characteristics of this sign. The desire to transcend own human reality makes the Aquarian an individual often idealistic, a little mystical desire for the absolute, the total fusion of the ego with the world whole.
He sees himself only through others: that the degree day socializing is very high, as the desire for new experiences.
Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac which is, in fact, that of affinity, relationship with others, tolerance, balance.
When the chart component prevails Saturn-Neptune will have individuals reaching out to high ideals of brotherhood, desiring to live more on the on that of spiritual substance. Equipped with a strong sense of humanitarian are willing to complete dedication forgetting oneself for the common good.
Their intuition is strong and, with the help of Saturn, is charged with the elements rational which can give an intense creativity especially in the ideological field.
If instead the Uranian component to prevail it will restless subjects, original, innovative, full of interest especially in the field
technical-scientific. Daring and ready to change, will be driven by their flexibility to follow the evolution of the times and adapt to any new ideas or current of thought. The unconventionality and rebellion to tradition, if pushed to extreme and not supported by the clarity of ideas can create, however, individuals violent, dangerous and unrealistic because they claim only to destroy.
Aquarius is therefore essential for a positive experience their Uranus: only so the personalities can be realized by combining with others, in a vision human and sensible reality. If disharmonious, the planet will express her creating negative personality prone to opportunism and disloyalty to the compromise.
In general the existence of those born in Aquarius is characterized by changes and from instability, however, they live almost always in a positive way because only it can be enriched through the many experiences they desperately needed.
If they can live positively their desire to progressivism can realized very well in both the political and scientific fields.
Anatomically, Aquarius is associated with the ankles and calves.

The woman in the sign. It is unconventional and independent. Like humans, prefer relationships based on mutual freedom, that does not involve too much from the sentimental side. It is more suited to community life that the torque or family.


From 20 January to 18 February, about

Air sign, fixed, male

Nocturnal house of Saturn and Uranus

Exile of the Sun

Triumph of Neptune

From 300 degree to 330 degree of the Zodiac

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