Leo-200x200Those born in Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbol of vitality, which makes them aware of their own strength and his own conscience. The ego expresses itself in its full maturity in a way very different from that of Aries, the first sign of fire, impulsiveness and aggression dominated Martian. The courage, the boldness, the desire to emerge that are characteristic of Leo expresses its strength with great naturalness and spontaneity. The self-confidence makes him aspire to command, self-assertion, especially in the social field to the success. Clinging to the present has a keen sense of reality that makes it able to evaluate every aspect. Unlike cancer, turned to the past and still immersed in the unconscious, the lion confronts their lives trying to control it and live it with full awareness. The biggest risk individuals who run the Lion is the exasperation of their quality. The inflation of the ego can spill over into an exaggerated individualism with all the excesses that follow. So the Lions who are unable to develop harmoniously the personality of the potential quality of the sign will backfire boomerang as defects and reflected in the negative. Then dominate the pride, the megalomania, the disproportionate self-confidence. These subjects turn all their goals only to material things without any desire for inner development and utter failure of sublimation. The sense of authority turns into authoritarianism, the generosity in sterile exhibitionism, the desire for self-determination and will to power into tyranny. Control of their vitality and strength is essential in the Lions for the harmonious development of personality. In fact, evolved types you can find individuals with great ideals, with a strong sense of honor and the ability to direct their energy toward the realization of noble desires. Where the potential is realized and the individual is able to regulate and control his will with a strong sense of responsibility and consciousness of people able to have actions inspired by a high ideological content. For some subjects are also possible creative experiences in art, with excellent results.
But Leo is fragile because its weak point is the need for admiration. That can easily fall prey to crafty sycophants who may very well strike at his Achilles heel. The Lion, in fact, is not very smart and does not hide anything about himself because he hates the twists and hypocrisy. This is, perhaps, a weakness, but this is also its strength.
Is an emotionally passionate. Truly love, with loyalty and generosity, but as with other aspects of life is in danger of being too proud and demanding: it can then become tyrannical, selfish up to insensitivity and cause great suffering.
Anatomically Leo is associated with the heart, solar plexus and the blood circulation.


The woman of the sign. Has the same features and therefore needs a man of achievement and social rewards. Excellent organizer is more inclined to take a job or profession that the role of housewife. Affectively needs to be near a major partner or of which he esteemed and admired.
Both he and you give importance to money, especially for one so you can spend it and get comfortable life which they can not do without. The Lion, in fact, is one of the most profligate of the Zodiac signs.


From 23 July to 22 August, around
Fire sign, fixed, male
Domicile of the Sun
Exile of Saturn and Uranus
Fall of Neptune
From 120 degree to 150 degree of the Zodiac

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