Aries-200x200Aries. This sign influenced by the Sun and Mars, male symbol, representing strength, aggressiveness, the male desire for success, but also violence, impetuosity, brute force is often necessary to defend the environment in which man finds in vivere. Aries is the first house of the Zodiac that expresses the personality in its pure state, the instincts and the character of the individual in front of himself. It is the first impact with the world. Aries represents the birth which is always a violent act. Someone born with the Sun in this sign is often courageous, bold, enthusiastic, but also abusive, impatient and sometimes aggressive. Wants it all without waiting, the attack often blind with fury and irrational, to fast and underestimating the difficulties. The fall of Saturn, the symbol of rationality, the Rams makes little thoughtful and not capable of concentration, lack, however, which are almost always offset by the violent desire to arrive at predetermined destinations and strong vitality (exaltation of the Sun). If the obstacle is too difficult and fails Aries falls in deep frustrations and moments of pessimism. His life is characterized, in fact, by periods of optimism alternating with bewilderment. The behavior is dominated by instability, the head shots, emotion, the tendency to take risks. It is the sign of the violent and sudden rages, who wants to burn in an instant all their energy potential. This entails the danger that a force so impetuous and disorderly is facing the wrong direction or result in destructiveness. Aries loves the risk and live their life as a warrior who must face continuing battles. Brave and generous, but also eager for independence, became impatient when he has to submit to someone or something.
Aries tends to aim high, but can reach ambitious goals only if other aspects of his chart to provide consistency, rationality and capacity for reflection necessary to complete that companies need time. Otherwise, its successes tend to be sudden and of short duration, with the danger of continually missteps, the tendency to excessive self-confidence. Outwardly, it tends to be authoritarian loves order and the law, respects all forms of hierarchical structure. Always projected into the future, has low memory and forget easily. Loves to dominate your partner emotionally, he is passionate and sentimental, but often incapable of deep attachment. It reveals almost always unstable, experiencing many passions that burn quickly and addresses with sudden failure.
Anatomically, Aries is associated with the head.


The woman of the sign. It is impulsive, aggressive, courageous. Aspires to individual freedom and emancipation. From twenty to thirty years may have an unrealistic attitude that, though, is to fade with maturity. Capable of sudden and strong passions can forget herself for a mate which has respect and admiration. If you opt out, though, to his freedom, may suffer from severe depressions and get to the breaking of a bond if overwhelming.


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Exaltation of the Sun
Fall of Saturn
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