Taurus-200x200Taurus. Individuals who were born during this seasonal period tend to possessiveness, looking for safety and enjoyment of the joys of life. Venus, ruler of the sign, is seeking the pleasure and satisfaction of material desires. The Toro corresponds to the second house of the Zodiac, which represents the moment in which the baby tends to satisfy especially its orality. He sees the possession of the goods as essential to conquer the physical security that can assure him and his offspring, survival free from any risk. The tenacity, thoughtfulness and perseverance they do arrive, almost always, with these goals. Often it is a methodical and faithful worker, with great stamina, both physical and mental well-balanced, which makes the face of obstacles and difficulties. The Fall of Mercury, while it lacks the sharpness and brilliance typical of that of Gemini, the other makes it practical, very concrete vision of reality and able to focus primarily on the achievement of its objectives, progressing slowly and safely. The exaltation of Jupiter makes a lover of good food, the ease and convenience. It is an instinctive love to be in contact with nature and his tastes are almost always very simple and healthy. Sensual, possessive emotional relationships, Taurus tends to also consider your partner as an object of his property: hence the strong jealousy can push it at times to real acts of violent rage. Respectful of tradition, is a conservative, often a moralist, and tries to create a place in life according to social conventions and rules The love of home led him to invest their money in real estate that make him feel safe and free from the risks, he loathes.

If there is a strong in the natal position of Saturn, the desire of ownership can turn into greed and avarice making the closed nature, moody, prone to boredom and pessimism. If, however, Jupiter and Venus, planets hedonistic, have the upper hand, the love for the pleasures of life can be very intense making outgoing personality, outgoing, optimistic, but also prone to exaggeration in every aspect of existence, with little self-control. The meaning of money is, however, very strong in both cases. The Bull is anatomically associated with the item (hence the musicality of the sign), throat and neck.

The woman of the sign. She loves the house, the kitchen (it is often a good cook) and children, who tend to feed more than necessary. Motherhood is experienced primarily as a physical need and there is a risk, lack of ideological rigor, to waste all the energy in the domestic role.

From April 21 to May 20 about
Earth sign, fixed female
Nocturnal house of Venus
Exile of Mars and Pluto
Exaltation of Jupiter (the Moon, in the tradition)
Fall of Mercury (Uranus, in the tradition)
From grade 30 to grade 60 of the Zodiac

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