Cancer-200x200Cancer. The domicile of the Moon and the exaltation of Venus was born under the sign makes the receptive, passive, sensitive. Attached to the mother and the birth family always feels somehow tied to childhood, to the past, to memories. With difficulty, and not always able to cut the umbilical cord and to live their lives independently. The character is prone to melancholy, introversion, fear of the future, the unknown experienced as distressing. This is why Cancer prefers the security of the past and clings to the traditions and family. The lack of aggressiveness (fall of Mars) makes him disinclined to take initiative and jump into the action. The world of reality frightens him and he loves to take refuge in dreams, in imagination. Aries has neither the temerity nor the happy unconsciousness of the Twins, but makes up for these shortcomings with a profound insight and with great sensitivity that also allows to reach the goal. Influenced by the Moon and its element, water, Cancer is characterized by instability of mood, restlessness, by continual alternation of moments of introversion and enthusiasm. Sensitive and very vulnerable, if he is wounded in the sensitivity closes immediately into his shell. The shrimp-resistentissi covered by its shell, but, always ready to retire before danger, expresses very well the character of the sign. The Cancer man has a rather complicated love life. His attachment to the mother involved to the point so often dramatically complicate any relationship with the opposite sex. The lunar component puts him in need of protection, domestic peace. The mother means to him the sweetness of childhood, the safety of the womb, while another woman is the unknown and hence the danger. Instability, fear, anguish characterize its emotional life. Even if it becomes aware of the problem, and rebels to the mother figure, will always remain at the base of each of its relationship to some conflict and competition from the companion, because the Cancer man wants, in essence, an eternal repetition of the relationship with the protective mother, everyone accepts without asking anything in return. Anatomically, the sign is attached to the breasts, stomach and abdomen.


The woman of the sign. For her, things are very different. If they accept the role society assigns, that of wife and mother, so you can express her strong maternal instinct and his love for his family. If you rebel against the traditional role and try to beat other streets, calling her unconscious - repressed - is likely to cause her neurotic disorders.
Both the man and the woman also tend to create a family atmosphere in the workplace, where they play the protective role of the "great mother".

From June 22 to July 22 about
Water sign, cardinal, feminine
Domicile of the Moon
Exile of Uranus and Saturn
Triumph of Venus (Jupiter, in the tradition)
Fall of Mars
From grade 90 to grade 120 of the Zodiac

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