Libra-200x200The personality of Libra is achieved through contact, dialogue with the world. Tact, diplomacy and sensitivity characteristics are most pronounced. Equipped with large capacity affective those born in the sign can easily grow many friendly relations and it is through these that seek their confirmation. Each new friendship is seen as a wonderful thing to live with great intensity. Led by their deep sense of justice are always careful not to hurt, not hurting others. Always wanting to prefer compromise to balance open debate. The fall of the sun deprives them of a strong vitality, while prevalent, however, a deep rational capacity animated by the desire to explore every kind of experience and judge it in all its aspects.
The pursuit of perfection of form and respect are often present in people born under the sign.
A little aggressive, individuals are often unsure of the scale because their constant concern is being able to make the best choice. This search for the best, however, can lead to chronic inability to make a decision and any can block on the existential level. Uncertainty is the weak point of the scale and, often, just those born in the affective sphere of the sign are the most vulnerable. Too much available to the stresses of increasingly new, can be injured very easily in their sensitivity. If you are victimized by injustice suffer terribly, become extremely stringent and rigorous judgments and in their desire to take on aspects of selectivity could almost manic. At the opposite pole can be found, however, individuals seeking continuous and spasmodic reports until the acceptance of any relationship or situation, even difficult, for fear of being alone. The intelligence is often excellent and it is with this that Libra can redeem those moments when your will power is weakened by the tendency to be influenced by others.
When the affective capacity (Venus) is harmoniously blended with rationality (Saturn) individuals will have a very balanced personality, with a high sense of justice and for which values outweigh the inner and outer material desires. Anatomically, the sign of Libra is associated with the kidneys.

The woman in the sign. Aspires to union ideal, the perfect relationship. The search for a partner that can understand it becomes important, but very difficult. In a patriarchal society is in danger of being subjected to great disappointments. He wants, in fact, be "the girlfriend" par excellence, willing to do anything if you loved and understood, and there is therefore as subordinate in the relationship with the man who is often not up to its aspirations and disappoints.


From 23 September to 22 October about
Air sign, cardinal, masculine
Diurnal Venus
Exile of Mars and Pluto
Exaltation of Saturn
Fall of the Sun
From 180 degree to 210 degree of the Zodiac

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