Pisces corresponds to the twelfth house of Zodiac which is the ultimate goal of the individual, the reunification ego with the cosmos, with the immense, with the eternal.
The personality of those born in Pisces is certainly one of the most complex and difficult to define. Their nature is extremely sensitive, receptive, emotional, so as to reach, in some cases, to hypersensitivity and to the foresight.
There is tendency to malleability, the absorption of each impression, with the danger of falling prey to confusion and disorganization. The practical sense is decidedly deficient.
The fall of Uranus block the force of the passive personality and decision making a little anxious. The mood is erratic and irrational behavior at times, especially in everyday life. This component is, however, redeemed by a remarkable intuition and receptivity that gives an overview of the subject office of human existence and understanding of mysticism. Opposed to Virgo, the sign of the minutiae of detail, the particular becomes the Fishes the sign of the whole, the infinite, the limitless. The irrational is associated with mediumship, dreams, magic. The danger of this nature is so complex to fall prey to the psychological chaos and debauchery typically Neptunian (If Neptune is very compromised in the chart). In this case it have individuals who are struggling to realize their personality because they can not to integrate fully into the world around them, and remain throughout the life a little childish, susceptible, incoherent, dreamers, and brought the complaint to victim, in fear of their responsibilities.
If, on the contrary, Jupiter is the strongest element, the type fish tend to be more optimistic, cheerful, sensual, led to the pleasures of life, a lover of his who knows how comfortabledefend, albeit quietly. Personality is almost always ambivalent, more often brought to introversion, the tendency towards the escape of Actually, also characterized by a strong spirit of sacrifice and renunciation.
When the sensitivity can not find a positive way of expressing it will highly creative individuals, and very often brilliant, both on an intellectual both on an artistic one.
The emotional life is very important for the Fish. Sublime love, platonic or otherwise, often characterize their existence. Dream and reality, romance and sensuality are often twisted in amorous experiences of the sign that, even in this field, lives his deep yearning for the ultimate, self-giving through the sacrifice.
Anatomically, the Pisces is associated with the foot.

The woman in the sign.
Even regarding the position of women is important Jupiter and Neptune. If the former dominates, the Pisces woman tend to live the hedonistic aspect of existence. Love the social life, money, comfort, although personality will always remain in a mystical side to be-satisfied.
If, on the contrary, Neptune is in stronger position, the character is will color of romance, with a tendency to dream and escapism into fantasy.
Love is very important and is lived intensely, sometimes with shades sado-masochistic.The sex life is, however, almost always characterized many relationships, and not sublimated.

From 19 February to 20 March, around
Water sign, mobile, female
Nocturnal house of Jupiter and Neptune
Exile of Mercury
Triumph of the Moon (Venus in the tradition)
Fall of Uranus (Mercury in the tradition)
From 330 degree to 360 degree of the Zodiac

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