Capricorn-200x200Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, and Uranus, those born under the sign are characterized by a cool detachment that gives them great ability to rationally assess the reality. Generally not very emotional, always on the defensive armor, and are often motivated by a profound ambition that makes them able to achieve goals even in the long run. Capable of concentration, indifferent to the brilliant but fleeting successes are taken to control any situation with cold rationality and dominate the emotions just to get the goals. If you will surely achieve success of a stable and lasting success because it conquered step by step, with clarity but with difficulty. The obstacles do not scare them, let them spur even more to continue, albeit slowly and sometimes plodding, like the goat that must reach the top of the mountain. For these individuals, even if everything is winning at the cost of great sacrifices and renunciations.
Corresponding to the tenth house of the Zodiac, which is the capacity for autonomy and social success, Capricorn can get to sacrifice much of himself and of others just to satisfy their ambitions. Opposite to the cancer, the fourth astrological sign, which represents the mother and the origins, this sign is not allowed winter weaknesses or nostalgia. For him, unlike the soft cancer, the past can not exist because it would prevent the inexorable path that must lead to the goal, even if it can be a destination full of loneliness. The lack of illusions makes the character gloomy, pessimistic, but not passive in the face of obstacles. Its main feature is, perhaps, indifference, allowing you to continue along the path laid out without being influenced by others. The exaltation of Mars also gives very controlled aggression that almost never missing the target. In terms of social relationships and emotional coldness of the Capricorn sometimes creates problems. Control, rationality, the distrust in fact dominate the emotional life. The great passions, the lightning strokes are completely excluded: then only after evaluating all aspects of an emotional situation Capricorn can take the "big decision" to join with a partner which will almost always stable and secure material and gave him little about himself emotionally.
This sign is capable, more than any other, to stand on its own feet without help. Fact, they like the solitude and is indifferent to the comforts it is content with little. Often is a great saver. Capricorn achieves much more in the second part of life, or even in old age because its rise is slow but sure. Anatomically Capricorn is associated with the spine.


The woman of the sign. As a man, has more substance and strong ambition. She also looks to the future than the past and tend to organize their professional and emotional life of a solid and secure. Both the man and the woman must be careful not to dominate others too much with excessive selfishness or exaggerated hardness them would lead, inevitably, to solitude.

From 21 December to 19 January about
Earth sign, cardinal, feminine
Diurnal house of Saturn and Uranus
Exile of the Moon
Exaltation of Mars
Fall of Venus (Jupiter, in the tradition)
From 270 degree to 300 degree of the Zodiac

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