Virgo-200x200Virgo. While in Leo energy was directed toward the attainment of individuality and consciousness of the ego, in Virgo it heads toward rationality, logic, analysis of their intellectual faculties. How to take place during this period of separation from the mother land and the subsequent selection of the crop, so in the psyche of those born in the Virgo there is a tendency to divide, to classify, analyze and eliminate the superfluous. Mercury, ruler of the planet, here is very different from the Mercury-Gemini Air. Earth element of the Virgo, in fact, lose mobility and improvisation and makes the personality weighted, controlled. The mental faculties of those instincts take over. The predisposition to unrest creates a nervous system quite sensitive, with alternate and changeable moods. The duality of the sign on one side makes the character pessimistic, prone to melancholy, sometimes with destructive ideas, the other can give a strong tendency toward creative direct the search for perfection if refinement. By denying the instinct tries to adjust the personality, to give an order to the flow of life. It has always been concerned to improve or better with a careful search for detail, the detail. Intelligence is the analytical, practical, critical, with a strong sen-'I love the technique and organization. There is a desire for systematic, almost bureaucratic in respect of any area of their lives. If the refusal prevails dell'istintualità the character can become a little dry, cold, pedantic, overly attentive to detail, the meticulousness, with an obsessive sense of order. The individual may be suffering from moralism and conservatism as much importance to this and do not like change until after a careful and controlled examination of the situation. Everything must be tested by reason and logic, nothing is left to chance or passion. Virgo is the sixth house of the Zodiac, which refers to the everyday, small things, attention to your body. For those born under the sign are often very careful about hygiene, personal hygiene, health. The tendency to focus on the method and order of the Virgo is a plus to the tactics that led to big strategies. Workers are very serious, conscientious and tireless, with a strong sense of duty. Their dexterity is often exceptional. The exaltation of Uranus (the hands) enables them to become excellent engineers, but any profession, carry out, their house will always be able to repair everything. The exile of Jupiter (planet of optimism) makes the character prone to distrust, caution, without the enthusiasm and extroversion. The Virgo is not intended to major success and is therefore not exposed to major failures and life tends to take place on a planned, orderly and peaceful. Both the man and the woman is emotionally a little cold, sometimes Puritans, hardly give themselves up to passion. They are demanding with your partner and if they find the right person prefer to be alone. Anatomically, the Virgo, because of its inclination to assimilate, select, separate the gut is associated. Even the neurovegetative and psychosomatic disorders are typical of the sign because of the sensitivity of the nervous system.


The woman of the sign. It is often very practical, concrete, with a great need for perfection. It is important that it should be realized outside of traditional roles, and then it can work with gratification in the commercial, scientific, teaching, or simply may be a good and used effectively. If, on the contrary, closes in casalingaggio, his desire for perfection can be transformed into a mania of order, cleanliness, or a sense of frustration perennial that can disrupt their family relationships and emotional life. Sexuality is a little brake and lived, at times, with the sense of "sin." For this she needs the Virgo, more than others, to get rid of oppression in order to have a positive emotional life.

From 23 August to 22 September, some
Earth sign, mobile, female
Diurnal house of Mercury
Exile of Jupiter and Neptune
Exaltation of Uranus (Mercury, in the tradition)
Fall of the Moon (Venus, in the tradition)
From 150 degree to 180 degree of the Zodiac

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